Practical Management of Complex Cancer Pain
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Practical Management of Complex Cancer Pain

Oxford University Press

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THIS APP-BOOK for Practical Management of Complex Cancer Pain, includes unique functions such as:

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  • Highlighting
  • History
  • Notes and picture notes

About this title

Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Oncology

  • A practical guide to managing complex cancer pain that provides guidance for patient selection for different invasive and complex techniques
  • Covers advanced pain management techniques for all cancer pains
  • Contains case histories, including suggested pain-management plans, detailing various cancer-pain scenarios

Practical Management of Complex Cancer Pain gives advice on advanced pain-management techniques for cancer pains. Emphasis is placed on the suitability and selection of patients for different invasive and complex procedures based on the patient's history.

Case histories provide comprehensive insight into the complexities of holistic management, with pain being only one of the factors that distress patients and families. The book also covers cancer-pain management for patients in a community setting, including the collaboration between pain medicine and palliative medicine.

This practical guide to the management and treatment of complex cancer-pain is essential reading for all oncologists, pain, and palliative care specialists.

Editors: Manohar L Sharma, Sanjeeva Gupta, Michael I Bennett, and Karen H Simpson

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