Oxford Handbook of Women's Health Nursing
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Oxford Handbook of Women's Health Nursing

Oxford University Press

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THIS APP-BOOK for Oxford Handbook of Women's Health Nursing includes unique functions such as:

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  • Highlighting
  • High resolution pictures
  • History
  • Notes and picture notes
About this title:
  • Up-to-date and practical advice on women's health conditions, written by experienced health care professionals
  • Lists of causation help readers understand the origins of pathologies
  • Treatment options are presented in a structured format, helping the reader navigate and put into practice the correct treatments for a range of women's health conditions
Successful gynaecological treatment relies on a balanced partnership between the woman and health professional. Women require sufficient knowledge to understand their conditions and treatments, and the Oxford Handbook of Women's Health Nursing is unique in helping practitioners assist women in making informed choices about treatment and keeping up to date with developments.

Focussing on practical care pathways for common gynaecological conditions, the Oxford Handbook of Women's Health Nursing is a concise and handy reference on women's health for nurses and other health professionals working in primary care, community, health promotion or acute settings. The book starts by setting the scene and discussing the role of nurses and systematically progresses onto anatomy and physiology which underpin gynaecological practice. It includes sections on gynaecology in the community, gynaecology in the wards, specialist gynaecology, and wider sexual health including sexually transmitted infections. Where there are specialist nursing roles or considerations, these are noted with in each chapter.

The book includes illustrations and diagrams to guide the reader, along with references to guidelines, charities, and other useful resources. It is clearly laid out, and written in an easily readable note-based style.

Chapter authors are all specialists in the area they have authored and provide state of the art views of topics. The book is user-friendly, clearly indexed and pocket-sized, and is a useful companion to those working in the field of women's health.

Readership: Gynaecology nurses, practice nurses, medical students, family planning nurses and nurses starting out in their careers in women's health or specialising in women's health

Authors: Sunanda Gupta, Debra Holloway, and Ali Kubba
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