Oxford Handbook of  Primary Care and Community Nursing
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Oxford Handbook of Primary Care and Community Nursing

Oxford University Press

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THIS APP-BOOK for Oxford Handbook of Primary Care and Community Nursing includes unique functions such as

  • A powerful search
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  • Complete set of medical calculators; Body Mass Index, Peak Expiratory Flows, Dehydration Correction Calculator and more
  • Highlighting
  • High resolution pictures
  • History
  • Notes and picture notes

About this title

  • Fast access to concise, targeted information on all essential aspects of primary care and community nursing
  • Patient centred, evidence-based and in line with the latest guidelines
  • An indispensable companion for practising nurses who work in non-hospital settings
  • Edited and written by primary care nurses who are directly engaged in current practice, research, and policy activities

New to this edition

  • Fully updated following current clinical practice and latest evidence-based guidelines
  • Revised and expanded section on End of Life care
  • Additional topics include care of dying children, nursing technology, dependent children at home, and frailty

Fully updated and revised for its second edition, the Oxford Handbook of Primary Care and Community Nursing is the essential guide to caring for patients in primary care and the community. Concise, easy-to-use, and comprehensive, this handbook ensures that the reader has the skills and knowledge required by any nurse working in modern primary and community care which cuts across different speciality and care settings.

Practical and comprehensive, this handbook includes coverage of national and international guidelines, together with information on topical issues such as bioterrorism and preventative medicine. Fully reviewed by specialist senior readers, and with useful links to up-to-date clinical information and online resources, this is an important addition to the Oxford Medical Handbook Series.

Chapters range from common adult health problems to vulnerable groups with extra needs, medicine management, and nurse prescribing. The handbook includes information on how health and social care services are organised and funded, from common technical care procedures to complex situations requiring practical, concise guidance. This is the essential guide to all aspects of the nurse's role. For the new edition material on end of life care has been revised and expanded, with more focus on care of dying children. It also includes new clinical topics such as nursing technology, dependent children at home, and frailty.

Readership: This handbook is an essential tool for practising nurses working in the primary care and community setting; these include practice nurses, nurse practitioners, district nurses, community staff nurses, health visitors, school nurses, walk-in centre nurses and sexual health nurses. It will also be valuable to those taking relevant examinations and electives.

Authors: Vari Drennan and Claire Goodman

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