Oxford Handbook of Handbook of Clinical Specialties, Tenth Edition
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Oxford Handbook of Handbook of Clinical Specialties, Tenth Edition

Oxford University Press

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THIS APP-BOOK for Oxford Handbook of Handbook of Clinical Specialties, Tenth Edition, includes unique functions such as:

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  • History
  • Notes and picture notes

About this title

Covering the core clinical specialties, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties contains a comprehensive chapter on each of the clinical areas you will encounter through your medical school and Foundation Programme rotations. Now updated with the latest guidelines, and developed by a new and trusted author team who have contemporary experience of life on the wards, this unique resource presents the content in a concise and logical way, giving clear advice on clinical management and offering insight into holistic care.

Packed full of high-quality illustrations, boxes, tables, and classifications, this handbook is ideal for use at direct point of care, whether on the ward or in the community, and for study and revision. Each chapter is easy to read and filled with digestible information, with features including ribbons to mark your most-used pages and mnemonics to help you memorize and retain key facts, while quotes from patients help the reader understand each problem better, enhancing the doctor/patient relationship. With reassuring and friendly advice throughout, this is the ultimate guide for every medical student and junior doctor for each clinical placement, and as a revision tool. This tenth edition of the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties remains the perfect companion to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, together encompassing the entire spectrum of clinical medicine and helping you to become the doctor you want to be.

Authors: Andrew Baldwin, Nina Hjelde, Charlotte Goumalatsou and Gil Myers

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