Some testimonials from our medical app-users:

Thank you so much for your help, this is such an impressive service. The MedHand apps are an invaluable tool for my work, and I suspect the same for many other doctors.
Dr Julian Franklin, NHS Kernow CCG (March, 2018)

Thank you for personally getting back to me. It is refreshing when companies do as they say as they will.
I think that just leaves me to say a big thank you for your continued support in resolving my original issue of the (outdated) app becoming obsolete, the unexpected courtesy extended in providing a complementary short lived subscription of OHCM v9 and the provision of the discount code for OHCM v10. I am a more than happy 😃 Paramedic 🚑!
Dale Reynolds

I have been using Medhand products for a number of years and found the software to be very user-friendly. Recently, I had purchased an android phone for work and the staff at Medhand switched over my purchases over from the app store quickly and efficiently. Ms Jadhav @ Medhand - thank you very much. Will continue to use their products in the future.
Dr Al-Imran Khan, NHS, UK

Thank you for your help, everything is set up on my new phone now and I can access the books.
Dr Elizabeth, UK

I am very happy to share my experience with Medhand because they have been excellent when i needed them.I have been using oxford handbook app for almost 2 yrs but it stopped working after I installed IOS 11. I got in touch with medhand and they sorted out the issue within 48 hrs. I would highly recommend Medhand to all my friends and to the whole medical community.
Dr Aamir Ilyas, General Practitioner / Family physician , UK

I am happy with the response from Medhand according problems with using a book app due to incompatibility with iOS 11. The company responded promptly with adequate advice and I could start using my app quickly. Also, the development of medical books apps is of a big help in every day professional practice as most of medics are not able to carry books to work any longer. I wish all the professional literature was available in apps.
Dr Alicja A’Court ,SAS Anaesthetist, UK

Excellent app, very easy to navigate. I contacted the support team when I lost my app after upgrading to a new phone. They resolved the issue for me very promptly and professionally. Would definitely recommend, 5 stars.”
Dr, Caroline Pocknall , Anaesthetist, London

I bought a few reference books from Apple Store couple of years ago for my hand held device. Recently I updated the software of my device and noticed that I could not open those books. On some research I found out that the books were developed by Medhand developers. I emailed my query to Medhand customer service and got very quick reply. After verifying my details they informed me that although I purchased those books from Apple Store directly but they are putting books in my account in Medhand app. I was advised to download the app and create an account and download the books. I was very impressed with very good customer service. They also informed me that one book is developed by other developer and I should contact them directly to resolve the issue. The thing which surprised me most was that that Medhand had contacted the other developer on my behalf and added that book in my account as well. It was a great expierience as customer service department went a step further to resolve the problem. I am very thankful for their time and efforts to resolve the issue and would recommend all professionals to buy books directly from Medhand store.
Dr M Anwar Malik, Consultant Anaesthetist, Ireland

I’m very happy with the products I have bought through Medhand over the years. It has been handy having access to relevant medical information via the app. Customer care has been extremely helpful and efficient.
Dr Pravin

I have been using the Current Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatrics since 2013.This is a handy reference guide on my iPhone. The information is evidence based, current, reliable and easily accessible. Unfortunately when I have switched to iOS 11 on iPhone 7 it did not work at all. Luckily the response from the help desk was swift and I was a sent a copy of the receipt so I was able to restore my purchase and download the book on my new phone. In my opinion and experience the help desk at MedHand International AB is excellent.
Dr Matrai Zolt

I have received excellent customer service from MedHand to rapidly resolve an issue with accessing previously purchased books on iOS 11. They replied promptly to emails and even arranged for a complimentary update to a newer edition of one of the books. Highly recommended.

Medhand is a very wonderful and dependent organization with time-tested and up-to-date medical softwares of immense benefit to a wide-range of healthcare providers. They make you have all your books in a single library which are all easily accessible. I am equally thrilled by a crop of very professional customer service personnel, ever willing to assist you with any difficulty. I must commend the professionalism of Ms Maithra Jadhav. She is an asset to the company. Kudos to you all
Dr Emmanuel Chapp-Jumbo, Consultant Physician and Neurologist/Senior Lecturer at Federal Medical Center/Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State

“I have been using the Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine over a number of years. This is a handy reference guide on my iPhone. The information is evidence based, current, reliable and easily accessible at the point of care with the patient in front of me. However many help desks are reputed to be frustrating. Not .in my case. I recently change to iPhone 6C and was unable to access the book on my new phone. The response from the help desk was swift and I was a sent graphic roadmap to rectify the situation. Within minutes I was able to restore my purchase and download the book on my new phone. In my opinion and experience the help desk at MedHand International AB is second to none. ”
Dr Farooq Qureshi, General Practitioner,Clinical Lecturer, Discipline of General Practice. University of Adelaide.Australia

“It is a pleasure to go through this valuable books and extract useful updated clinical information. Thanks”
Dr Emmanuel Mayom, medicine and health sciences university of Bahr El-Ghazal

I have had the pleasure of dealing with dealing with Dr Companion team a couple of times during the years. The graphical user interface of the software itself is faultless and professional, allowing you to find what you need quickly. It is what you need on the job I feel. The system of redownloading books that have been purchased has at times been troublesome, but to their credit the medhand team have responded swiftly and worked with me to get the matter resolved. They seem to keep clear records of any prior purchase so that you are never out of pocket. I would not hesitate to recommend medhand software to collegues as it combines these recognised medical textbooks, together with unparalleled customer support.
Tristan Magedera , Ireland

“I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchases. I've bought 4 books now and find them a wonderful resource both on and off the ward. Also the App support has been really first class. Each time I've had a problem & emailed the MedHand team they've responded immediately and given excellent help & detailed instructions how to solve it each time. I certainly didn't have to re-purchase any books - just prove I'd bought them in the first place (fair enough) & then I was quickly able to download them again. Thank you MedHand for your very professional after care service. I'll definitely recommend your e-books to colleagues). :-)”
Sophia Williams

“No need to attend lectures with the Oxford handbooks at your fingertips. Awesome app for navigating chapters quickly. Lost a book when I upgraded my phone but was resolved within hours by email. Great service.”
Philip Evans , New Zealand

“Excellent source of knowledge with a simple click. Easy access, especially for health professionals that are on the go, most of their time. Add to that, the great and professional assistance they provide quickly for any problem you face - if any - in the application. Special thanks for Maithra Jadhav for her outstanding efforts.”
Dr Almehanna, M, Dublin, Ireland

“Updated information. Well organized and very easy to find the necessary subject.”
Murilo Andrighetto, Brazil

“It really made me love Ob/Gyn I never loved it before.”
Dr E. Mahgoub, Saudi Arabia

“Very useful and very good support of any trouble with purchase.”
Fernandez Arcas, Spain

“Very useful app for both students and professionals.”
Reije, Srilanka

“Im a medical student and I'm so grateful that I've found this website to purchase my pharmacotherapy handbookwhich is very good and I can easily access to those info that I need.The best support I came across. I had an issue and they solved it immediately.”
SteveMcCarty, USA

“I really find the App useful and it helps me a lot with my clinical practice.”
Dr Lorena Valdearenas, Camden and Islington NHS Trust

“While clerking at the A+E, I encountered a patient with a rash. I was unsure of what investigations to order to aid diagnosis for a widespread maculopapular rash. I used my Dr Companion App to look up differential diagnoses and what investigations would be useful in the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties. I also identified what medicines may help with the symptoms and looked up how to prescribe them in the BNF. Without the Dr Companion App I would have had wait until I could speak with my SHO and tried to track down a paper copy of the OHCS and BNF. This would have taken further time and reduced the efficiency of the medical take team.”
Louise Paramore (F1)

“During ward rounds I use Dr Companion”
Philomina Mireku

“When seeing patients on home visits during the GP rotation it is often difficult to anticipate everything you may need for all the scenarios you may come across. I almost always forget to pack my books e.g. the BNF in addition to all my other kit. On this occasion I wanted to know firstly what a drug was as I didn't recognise the name (and it was in a NOMAD tray therefore the box was not available to read) and whether it could be the cause of the patient’s symptoms. Using the BNF within the Dr Companion App on my phone I was able to identify the medication's indication and rule out it causing the symptoms the man was experiencing. I used the App in front of the patient and explained I was using my phone to look up a drug. There were no complaints from him or his wife about me doing this.
In this case having access to it in the community allowed me to inform myself about an unfamiliar medication and rule out it had any part in the patient's presentation. There would not have been any alternative as I was in someone's home, except perhaps using Google but signal is ften unreliable and this is not as professional as using an App-book.
Learnt a new drug! It was more useful than ever in this situation as it is unlike being in the hospital where if desperate I could ask a colleague or go and find a hard copy of the BNF. If it had been something serious there is always help at the end of the phone but for trivial things that could be relevant but are not urgent enough for a phonecall the App becomes very useful.”
Rhys Dawe (F2)

“Dr Companion is so portable, easier to read and easier to carry about. I do read it when I'm wondering about.”
Anthony Ekanem (final year medical student)

“Wonderful !”
Leonardo Medina MD

>“Patient admitted in A&E resus in respiratory distress, had myotonic dystrophy which I was unclear exactly what the disease involved. Using the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties and the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine within my Dr Companion App, I was able to quickly research the basics of the disease and discuss the patient with ITU (they were asking about the disease to make a decision on intubation). This small bit of information made a large difference to patient (i.e I was able to convince ITU to ventilate the patent based on knowledge of disease progression).”
Tara Keogh (CT1)

>“I was working my first ever night shift at the A&E department on a Friday night. Ther were fellow SHOs and one Registrar on during the night shift. A middle aged female, who had 93 previous A&E attendances, presented with a mixed overdose including co-codamol tablets. The patient was drowsy and history from both patient and ambulance sheet was limited. She was given 800mcg of Naloxone in the ambulance with a Sutton period of recovery and I had decided to give her a further 400mcg. Following induction, a limited recovery was observed but the patient became drowsy and was desaturating. She was placed into Resus, and following discussion with the A&E Registrar, the decision was made for Naloxone infusion. Unfortunately, I did not know the dosage nor the regime of Naloxone infusion. As I was unfamiliar with Resuscitation room, I decided to look up the dosage in the BNF. I couldn't find the BNF nearby, and therefore I decided to use my Dr Companion App and look up the dosage in the BNF. On the search engine I typed in 'Naloxone' and it came up with the information that I needed. This impacted on patient care favourably, as I had the information required and the Naloxone infusion was appropriately prescribed, I showed the app to the nurse and she was amazed how you can get all the books in one App! Now, the nurses ask me for dosage if there is not a BNF nearby and I look them up for them to double check medications prescribed. If I did not have the App, I would have had to 'tannoy' the Registrar on a busy night shift or look for a BNF in Majors or a minors. However, having the Dr Companion App allowed me to obtain the information efficiently, it was patient centred and improved patient safety. It also helped develop trust between myself and my Registrar, as I have the App to look up information, and if I still can't find the information I will ask my Registrar.
Fantastic app, don't have to carry any books and worry about losing them! For security reasons, I carry my iPhone with me, and so it is extremely beneficial. Thank you!”
Wahid Abdul (F2)

“Dr Companion App helped me save a client from a cardiovascular condition called endocarditis.”
Harrison Kumi

“Paeds ward overnight on call, Registrar busy elsewhere. No hard copy of the children's BNF to be found anywhere. I needed the dose of dexamethasone for an ill child with croup. I walked to A+E to search for a Children’s BNF, but these are difficult to find and often old. I found the dose quickly with use of the Dr Companion App, also indication and correct dose identified. Used the information obtained from the App to confidently prescribe the dose of dexamethasone to the child and know when it could next be given. Nurses were around but were not confident in knowing the dose and I always double/triple check paeds doses now. The Dr Companion App helped the patient by allowing me to access up to date, reliable information. I tend not to use the App in front of patients, but happily do so in front of colleagues.
I think it is class and hope it keeps running!”
Neil Ingram (ST3)

“The concatenation of a comprehensive endocrinology text book with the immediacy of access afforded by a digital eBook will satisfy the needs of both clinical and educational healthcare professionals. The ability to cross-search all books in your elibrary will enhance these benefits, along with the assurance that the information will always be available offline....No turning of pages, just simply turn your thoughts to the topic in question and you are there, immediately! And all this on a light mobile platform that is supremely suited to the clinic or lecture venue.”
Jim Young (
Glycosmedia review of Oxford Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes)


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